The Veldt Ray Bradbury Theme

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In The Veldt, Ray Bradbury teaches readers the importance of how the way children are raised can affect them. The children in the story could have used their computerized happylife home to turn the nursery into a candy shop, or playground like average little kids. Instead the children chose to make their nursery a hasty desert wasteland filled with hungry carnivorous tigers. While someone might argue the theme of this story is kids rely too greatly on technology, they forgot that it’s really the parents fault they live in a computerized house. They feel as though the technologized house is their main caretaker therefor they hate their parents and are psychologically impaired. Evidence that this story is about how children are raised can affect them is the fact that the kids locked their parents in the nursery for the tigers to eat them. This shows exactly how poor …show more content…
The children felt as though their parents were evil and crude for not properly raising them and turning off the nursery. Therefore it is best to raise your kids with love and compassion. The kids loved their dangerous desert oasis better than their own mom and dad. They decided to lock their parents in the nursery for the lions to eat them. This proves improper parenting results in insane or mentally ill children. In The Veldt by Ray Bradbury the theme is repeatedly shown as the way you raise your children will effect them in their later years. The kids in this story are obviously messed up seeing as though they make their computerized room a hot desert full of tigers. They could have chose anything else in their broad imaginations but prefered the dangerous desert. The kids felt as though the nursery was their primary caretaker therefore they killed their real parents. This all shows how parents raise their children will most likely affect

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