Essay on The Vancouver Hockey Riot

1015 Words Nov 16th, 2016 5 Pages
If you were to google pictures of “war zone” and then google again “riots” you would see a lot of similarities between the images: fire, destruction, debris, thick plumes of smoke. These images will give you a good idea as to what transpired and the eventual aftermath, in the evening of the Vancouver Hockey Riot. Some would argue a series of unfortunate events, such as inadequate planning, closing liquor stores early that day, and allowing overcrowding of downtown Vancouver. However what really happened was a handful of “proud” Canadians taking it upon themselves to destroy property, each other, and their city. Perhaps these youths were suffering from a psychological shift “after where a loss almost seems like an attack on your identity, on your city, on your team, on who you are.”(Schwartz). Or perhaps these rioters were just drunk, testosterone fuelled, neanderthals with no other purpose other than to embarrass themselves and their city. But maybe a criminological approach can be applied to these events to help us better understand how and why they happened. The best applicable theory that can be applied to the events of the Vancouver Hockey Riots of 2011 is differential association (O’Grady, 2014). Riots following championship games happen about 50% of the time. Jerry Lewis, the author of Sports Fan Violence in North America, studied over 200 sports riots in America and none of them happened after the loss of a home team (Schwartz). Which makes the Vancouver Hockey…

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