The Vampire And The Zombie Essay

1363 Words Oct 16th, 2016 6 Pages
The vampire and the zombie both have a complex and diverse history. Diverse in the fact that it is the myths and legends of many different cultures that kept inventing and reinventing these two creatures. Complex in the fact that all of these myths collided in what we know as these modern day monsters. Both these vile and fearsome creature’s popularity have spread worldwide from the simple folktales of small villages. What we have now is a unique clash of regions that have not been able to collaborate on anything else but creating the monsters of nightmares. With both myths being so widespread how can it be determined which is the more popular creature? How fast the myth became global is one way to judge the popularity. Another way is to look at the profit margin of popular entertainment with these myths included in them. We will speculate both in an attempt to discern the most popular creature. Vampires have been subject to recent reinvention in the grotesquely popular Twilight Saga. Now the fearsome cannibal is a romantic at heart stalker. The origin of the vampire does not resemble the recent vegetation reboot though. According to authors Del Toro and Hogan in their essay Vampires never die, “John William Polidori stitched together folklore, personal resentment and erotic anxieties into ‘The Vampyre,’ a story that is the basis for vampires as they are understood today.” This vampire, known to most as the vampire of the novel Dracula, is just as attractive as the…

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