The Value Of Life : Hamlet, And Brittany Maynard 's Life With Terrible Quality

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Value of Life Earth is a very special planet; a planet that supports life. Humans are one of the many species that occupy the floating rock, and humans are obsessed with being alive. While being alive, we develop priceless relationships with people. We find our family, friends, and lovers during our journey of life. Within these relationships, personal limits are tested and we find out more about ourselves due to all the significant people we meet. However, being alive could be overrated in the case of having a life with terrible quality. It 's unfair to only be alive, I want to live! People have the choice to prevent having a life with a terrible quality. We come to a point of wondering if it 's worth living a long dreadful life or a life that is enjoyable, such as Brittany Maynard did. Hamlet, from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”, and Brittany Maynard, a woman who was terminally ill, both contemplated their lives. Both met their ends and lived their last days very differently. Hamlet decided to suffer in his life until death came for him, while Brittany Maynard died when she chose to. I believe in the philosophy of choosing quality over quantity! People have the power to place themselves on the side of living or on the side of being of alive.

One of the first things to consider when one is looking at the value of life is perspective. One must look into the eye of the beholder to uncover the point of view. Many have different situations, but there are people who share…

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