The Utilization Of Race As A Source Of Power Over All Social Constructions

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Shaft (1971) is a film about the utilization of race as a source of power over all social constructions. The film utilizes race, performance, and the theme of opacity to convey this. Shaft, being a Blaxploitation film, allows common themes such as race to take on a whole different meaning. In other film race might simply just be a distinguishing trait to tell one character from another. But in Shaft, race equates power.
METHOD / APPROACH TO THE FILM This paper will focus on the conversation on how race and opacity convey power in Blaxploitation films. This paper will analyze the film Shaft (1971) and how its uses of opacity and race parallels other films and how it was interpreted. This paper will explore six articles relating to opacity and transparency, race, and Blaxploitation films.
EVIDENCE / SUMMARIZING MAIN POINTS Shaft racially is overwhelmingly black and white. The characters in the film are of either black decent or white. Polarizing the community this way suggests that these are the only two races in society which matter. The main character John Shaft is depicted as the most powerful in the piece. He being black has a lot to do with that. The symptomatic meaning this gives to the film is that the black race is superior to all other races. In the 1970s race was rampant in communities and the common notion was that black people were beneath the majority (white) population. And the introduction of Blaxploitation films allow black people…

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