The Use Of Zika And Its Effects On The Body System Essay

1358 Words Jun 17th, 2016 null Page
Do you ever think that a small bite can cause a lot of harm on an individual with so many body defenses? As we all have heard in the news or radio stations or even seen on banners while driving and in doctor’s office the virus known as Zika has caused a lot of panic worldwide. Zika was first found in 1947 in a monkey that was isolated in the Zika forest and then was spread to an individual who was a zookeeper. Zika is a disease that affects the body system, for example in some pregnant women it may cause birth defects if the virus reaches the blood and also the baby 's blood system. It also affects the body system because the bite of the mosquito goes directly into the blood since they are trying to feed off of the blood of a person or animal. They may be big and sometimes hard to see but the harm they are doing is big because the bite is not clean and it doesn’t know if it is transporting an infection or not because it is feeding itself at the same time. Many of the times each individual that was bit by a mosquito they might not know if that mosquito had the virus or not or even if it might have any other type of virus that it goes from someone else. If anyone who might be traveling to an area that is infected with the virus should contact their health care provider for a much better resource of ways to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.
As we all have heard on the news that Zika virus is a bad infection that can kill or harm an individual, it may not be as true as all the…

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