Conch Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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In the book Lord Of The Flies ,the author William Golding use many symbols to get the struggles the boys face trying to stay civilized across. there are three main objects used to pretray the struggles; the conch,the fire and the sows head.Each object represents a different part of the struggle for humanity ; the conch is the need for order of civilization and authority, the fire represented the hope the boys have to rescued and the sows head represents the underlying conflicts each boy has being stuck on the island .

One of the most important forms of symbolism used is the conch .this object plays a ver important role in the boys society they 've created . this shell represents the order, like a government for the boys to follow, rules
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this objects symbolizes the internal conflict the boys have while struggling on the island with the lose of humanity amoung them . the sows head becomes a huge part of the book when simon , who 's the representation for the hope for humanity has realized that the beast is not some creature on the island , that it is what the boys have become ;there the beast . simon is struggling to come to terms with this harsh reality and how they should be afraid of eachother not something else “What I mean is . . . maybe it’s only us” . Simon is the first character to see the beast not as an outside force but as a factor of human nature .Simons idea is confirmed when he encounters the sows head , he stumbles upon it when being alone in the forest , he 's very vulnerable at this point and he starts to kind of imagine this internal figure which is called the lord of the flies and it tells him " there isn 't anyone to help you,only me.and I 'm the beast… fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and kill… you knew, didn 't you? I 'm a part of you? close,close,close! I 'm the reason why its a no go? why things are the way they are ? ' this reveals that the evil on the island rest within the boys.The lord of the flies says its the beast and and tells simon that these inhuman ways rest inside us all when it said " you knew, didn 't you? , I 'm a part of you?" because the lord of he flies is simons conscious the evilness does rest inside simon as he 's losing the hope he once had the same goes with all the other boys as they lose hope they lose humanity . the way in which the " creature " talks to simon makes it sound scary and devilish as he taunts simon with the same dialect in which they boys talk to each other showing more about how evil the boys have become. the irony comes into effect when simon comes to fully realization and rushes to the boys to tell them there is no beast but as the

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