The Use Of Hester Prynne In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter has received a variety of reviews over it's existence. Most of these reviews, criticizing the main character Hester Prynne.One critic, Mark Van Doren’s use of literary devices to great effect to describe Prynne. These include praising diction, an enduring tone, and heroic allusion help him illustrate Hester Prynne as as strong, rugged woman.
Van Doren’s use of praising diction helps the reader envision the likes of Hester Prynne, a character who develops throughout the length of the novel. And later becomes a beacon of hope for her perseverance. Van Doren writes of how Hester's "...passion and beauty dominate every person and color each event.” (Van Doren). This diction helps show us the effect of Hester
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Van Doren describes her personality as that “...she has not consented to let her soul be killed” (Van Doren). With this tone, it allows her character to seem more triumphed, that she has risen and been reborn. That she will not falter or waver and let herself be torn down, but rather she will stay strong. With her enduring spirit, “There was no other solution to the story, given Hester’s strength” (Van Doren). The result of her endurement led to the given ending. Hester had made it through the cry's of the people to have her killed, to be a figure advice to the next generation. This strength within her, to make her life turn all the way around, is her enduring attitude, and Van Doren uses her attitude as his preferred tone. The use of enduring tone by Van Doren allows us to see Hester as a woman who raised above, one who did not let her past weigh her down and becomes a triumphed …show more content…
His use of praising diction, enduring tone, and heroic allusion all paint Hester Prynne as a triumphed character. He shows us that nobody knows oneself, until the look deep down. One event does to classify who you are forever, but rather your response to a serious impactful event. The person who is able to see this, can change their lives for the better, which we can see with Hester Prynne. This accumulates to Nathaniel Hawthorne's main point of The Scarlett Letter, to not let a single event defy you, but rather your response to a serious

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