The Use Of Characterism In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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“I pledge to you...I pledge myself to a new life for the American people”, Franklin Roosevelt said this during the Great Depression of the 19th century. This quote is an exact relation to the horrors of this time and how certain groups of people were treated. In the novella, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck illuminates people based on their physical and mental disabilities and how society as a whole treated them. Through the use of archetype, allusions, metaphors, and imagery, Steinbeck portrays how minorities were treated differently based on how society saw them.
Steinbeck portrays how certain people were treated differently in a multitude of ways. Through the use of archetype, Steinbeck shows how some characters are treated differently during
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The title of the book is a metaphor in itself, putting the theme into full perspective to the reader. ‘“The best laid schemes Of Mice and Men often go awry”’,(Burns). This quote is a direct representation of the relation with the title and the overall theme of the book. The title, Of Mice and Men, is an allusion to the poem “To a Mouse”, by Robert burns. The poem represents the American Dream and how all Americans wanted to live freely but often their dreams didn’t go how they planned, which Steinbeck then uses as a metaphor in his novella. Lennie and George’s american dream was to live of the fat of the land but various events occur that prevent them from achieving their goal of the american dream. Throughout the book we see multiple metaphors through various characters. Candy’s dog is a metaphor representing the elderly class and their struggles with society during the Great Depression. Later in the book, Candy’s dog is shot because it is considered no good, not useful, to old, and to smelly. ‘“That dog ain’t no good to himself. I wish somebody’d shoot me if I get old an’ a cripple”’, (Steinbeck 45), this quote shows how the elderly were treated and looked at by society. Candy’s dog is a metaphor for the old and elderly people of the Great Depression and how others saw them us not useful, old, and questioned why they were still alive. After Candy’s dog is shot, some of the ranch men ask if anyone wants to play cards, solitaire. Solitaire is the loneliest game known because it is meant to be played alone. The game is a metaphor for loneliness and coincidentally enough, the men play this lonely game right after Candy’s best friend was shot. This adds foreshadowing and represents loneliness which is also a recurring theme throughout the book. Several metaphors throughout the book allow the reader to understand what

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