Essay on The Use Of A Wheel Chair Basketball Game

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Guinness; a beer company known around the world, based in Ireland, for a great tasting dark beer. There vastly different breeds of beer commercials, whether it be Budweiser’s infamous horses, or the “Bud Light Party” commercials, one thing remains constant, they all have a place in memory. Guinness Beer decided to push the envelope, so to speak, and display something different. There are many classifications of the word different, yet it is the audiences job to determine their own classification. The commercial starts off with, in my opinion, a great representation of a wheel chair basketball game, among six players all in wheelchairs of course, overshadowed by sappy, corny, heartwarming background music. The background music is soft, is heartwarming, is all of these things because the producer wants to draw in an audience, and wants to make sure the audience’s heart is happy while watching. The basketball game looks intense, it looks fierce. Sweat is dripping down from the players, grown men with soaked shirts turning them a shade darker. What was once six men in clean attire is now six men competing to win, through toughness and grit, which the commercial displays half way through. Three players are going after the loose ball and eventually become tangled up. One falls in his wheelchair and the camera isolates his situation. While gritting his teeth and displaying pure strength, the player uses his upper body strength to get himself back upright in his wheel chair and get…

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