Essay on The Usage Of Khat ( Catha Edulis )

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The usage of khat (Catha edulis), a plant that grows in the Middle East and is commonly used as an amphetamine like drug, has spread from its origin in the to Middle East to have effects on people worldwide. The drug that was originally harvested in Ethiopia in the 13th century and spread to Yemen, the country where its usage is most common, sometime in the 15th century (El-Menyar et al 2015). Since this time the plant has been used as an amphetamine like drug mainly in the Middle East but has recently spread to the global level. This has caused impacts both medically and economically. Some people believe that khat can be used medicinally because of its amphetamine like properties, however, a lack of research and plethora of know side effects makes that unrealistic. Khat is an addictive drug with many known side effects that affects nations both physically and economically and should be made illegal on the global scale.
Khat is a plant that grows natively in Ethiopia, Yemen, and East Africa (Monyar et al 2016). It is a leafy plant that grows in bushes. The leaves are harvested and then dried in order for people to use them. The usage of khat is similar to the coca plant in South America in the fact that people grab a small wad of of the leaves and place them in their lower lip, such as chewing tobacco. The plant then causes a euphoric and stimulating high in the user. Many people prefer to use the plant in a social setting because of its ability to make people more sociable…

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