The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essays

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Part A-Timeline of Significant Events in the Changing of Rights and Freedoms of Indigenous Australians:
1948- It is stated on the Youth for Human Rights webpage After the Second World War, wife of Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, led a committee of people to write up a special document that stated the basic human rights that everyone in the world should have. This Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the general assembly of the United Nations (UN) on the 10th of December, 1948 according to the Australian Human Rights Commission. The newly formed UN felt strongly for the declaration because of the monstrosities and disregard to human rights during the Second World War. This was the first time countries had agreed on a comprehensive set of human rights. The UN webpage reads that it set out, for the first time, a standard of necessities in regards to human rights that countries ratifying it had to follow.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not a treaty so therefore isn’t legally binding for countries that choose to endorse it in there legislation. The declaration basically says that human rights are universal, to be enjoyed by all people, no matter who they are or where they come from. Furthermore, the declaration led to additional advancements in international agreements that are legally binding for countries that do choose to accept the terms. These agreements are listed by the Australian Human Rights Commission and include:
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