Essay about The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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It is an instinct for people to act when they start to feel some sort of stimulus to their environment. Whether it causes comfort or discomfort, depends on of how the person will act. However, it has become a widespread topic of whether or not there is truly good or true evil. The United Nations proposed the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” based on how their societies view good and evil. Reacting to the UN’s claim the American Anthropological Association provided a counter argument. The UN’s doctrine is based on the history of their countries, and what they are way to help the world have true law and order. The UN believed if all of the worlds had a set list of what acts are moral and immoral, then world peace would take its course, and there would be far less controversy. By proposing the UDHR, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the UN expressed all the rights every individual should obtain from a universal doctrine of moral codes (The United Nations). The doctrine is laid out in thirty articles expressing the individual rights of human beings from all nations. For example, the UDHR states, “slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms” (The United Nations). The UN promotes more articles such as this one to bring an end to the savage acts of mankind. This doctrine proposes to change the diversity of some cultures to be more like the ones of Western Europe and the United States. In doing this, the human race will face serious…

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