The United States Essay

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The United States, a melting point of ethnicities, was founded as a nation of diverse populations coming together for one central goal: freedom. Years later and the definition of freedom has been distorted and altered. The country has seen racial and gender oppression of many sorts, from Native American residents to Mexican immigrants, that still continues in many ways today. With a surplus of ethnicities, there lie a surplus of cultures. These cultures represent themselves with different traditions, customs, and languages. The nation is growing with the number of immigrants and thus, increasing the use of vernaculars other than English. The U.S. Census Bureau Reports at least 350 languages are spoken in U.S. homes (Census Bureau Report, 2015). However, society does not promote the freedom of speaking other languages. There is an underlying monolingual ideology in society. The ideology affects more than just communication, as a language has the power to affect academic and economic success as well as to be used as a political instrument.
The monolingual ideology has been embedded in our community since the founding of our nation and has only increased its political power over time. President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Applied Linguistics, Terrence Wiley, writes “Each new demographic shift and economic or social change bring seemingly new issues into popular and political focus—questions, debates, and policies about the role of language in…

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