The United States Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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The United States of America, a nation that is here thanks in part to the result of the American Revolutionary War. A battle that began in the year 1775 and ended in 1783, the fight for American independence was long sought for. However, independence was not the only thing missing from the previous Thirteen British Colonies, economic developments were being fought for as well. The American Revolutionary War pitted Great Britain and the Thirteen British Colonies against each other where the end result was independence for the United States of America that was declared in 1776. There were also political and social aspects included that made other countries align themselves with the Thirteen to earn their freedom. Prior to the Revolutionary War, Great Britain has been already a superpower after their victory over France in the Seven Years’ War; establishing themselves as a country with major and economic dominance. This war was fought mainly on North American soil and some in foreign soil. As soon as news spread that the Americans won at Saratoga in 1778, France aligned themselves to aid in the war; Spain and Netherlands shortly joined after . The reinforcements proved to be useful as they forced the British Army to surrender, earning a victory at Yorktown in 1781. Two years later, the Treaty of Paris was written which ultimately ended the Revolutionary War and the United States sovereignty was recognized. Furthermore, although France was able to take back their…

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