The United States Of Civil Rights Essay

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In 1936, civil movements started to be made for gains in the United States regarding Civil Rights. The first case was “Murray v. Pearson”. Donald Gaines Murray made an application to attend to the University of Maryland School of Law on January 24, 1935, but his application was rejected because The University of Maryland did not accept to admit black students. However, in 1936, the Court of Appeals decided that black people must be accepted because there wasn’t any other law schools in Maryland for black students. Lawyers Charles Houston and Thurgood Marshall won the case even though Marshall had been denied admission himself. In 1938, the second case “Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada” was a United States Supreme Court decision holding that states that provided a school to white students had to provide in-state education to blacks as well. States could satisfy this requirement by allowing blacks and whites to attend the same school or creating a second school for blacks. When the NAACP realized that significant gains were being made, it established its Legal and Educational Fund, headed by Marshall. In 1940, a Virginia case “Alston v. School Board of the City of Norfolk” affirmed that black teachers must be paid the same as white teachers if qualifications are equal. Ada Sipuel’s brother planned to challenge the segregation at the University of Oklahoma by applying to the Law School but Sipuel lost her case at every level. In 1948, the Supreme Court heard the case and ruled…

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