The United States Of America Essay

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Even from a very young age at lower grades during Elementary school, many in the United States have always been told that this was the land of opportunity and freedom. Teachers from all over drill into our heads the idea that the U.S. has always been a beacon of hope for immigrants from other countries for a better life. If you were to look back into America’s history, however, it becomes painfully obvious the United States was not founded and based on the idea of freedom for all, but rather with an idea to help (in general) white wealthy men further their wealth and power in one way or another at the cost of others. Looking back, one can see that the New World’s economy was heavily based on the use of slavery with politics quickly becoming involved, and religion being one of the only things that was able to rival any reasoning that the South might have had. Therefore, although the United States of America may represent some vague idea of freedom today, it was founded with a goal of allowing white men to either be given a second chance or to grow more powerful outside of England.
Quite frankly, it is often overlooked that the very first European discoverer to come to the Americas was not in search of new land and was actually looking for a new trading route in order to establish a cheaper path to the goods of Asia. The invasions of Europe into America“began as an offshoot of the quest for a sea route to India, China, and the islands of the East Indies,...” (Foner) Since…

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