American Slave Economy

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Slavery and American Economy

Christopher Columbus is known to many as an Italian explorer who discovered the early Americas. What many people are not aware of is the fact that the profound explorer was first to introduce the new concept of slavery to the US. While the acknowledged may have discovered the Native Americas, he was also first to introduce the immoral concept of slavery. While this forced labor may have been politically incorrect the new slave-trade soon became the foundation of America’s highly recognized economy. Today slavery is globally known as an immoral way of treating humans. In American history slavery was in fact the platform that held the mighty economy of the United States. My essay revolves around an essential question
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President Lincoln was first to propose this plan of slavery abolition so it was in his determination to persuade others to follow this resolution. In 1858 Abraham Lincoln performed a speech regarding slavery and what was commonly known at the time, the American Dream. In his speech, he stated, “To prove slavery a very good thing, we never hear of the man who wishes to take the good of it, by being a slave himself.” In context, he is comparing one who is closed-minded to being a slave. This quote was taken from a primary source document. President Lincoln had written his speech beforehand, which is where this quote was taken from. This source is relevant as it addresses the topic regarding slavery and a resolution for the cause. It is also credible as this same phrase has been quoted by several other recognizable websites. With that it is reliable as this evidence has been taken from a website that specializes specifically in American history. Abraham Lincoln’s method of persuasion and vision was truly unique as his concept of removing slavery included everyone who was negatively …show more content…
Slavery really did positively shape American economy. Before remote technology was introduced manual labor was forcefully conducted by slaves. The agricultural system practically relied on slavery. While the process may seem immoral in modern times in truth is was nothing but common during industrial America. One economic decision conducted by a president soon proved to be catastrophic as economy fell due to the fact that farms were lacking slaves. It was a cause and effect relationship that had an impact on the United States as a whole. The process was so convenient that soon slave importation could be classified as a major business. It open doors to a whole new market. Any farmers profit simply varied from their limitations of land and number of slaves. It truly was amazing how America began. They grew out of Britain due to their differentiating religious beliefs, soon to become one of the greatest superpowers in the modern world. The process to get to where they had to be was immoral, however proved to be extremely successful. Slavery had a direct correlation to America’s outcome. In theory, slavery really did positively shape American

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