Essay on The United States Of America

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The United States of America is a country that appears to be full of many types of peoples. It has metaphorically, been described as a melting pot because it is composed of many different elements of people and culture melting together, creating a common people and culture. A people has been described as men, women, children, black, white, and red. While people were described as a collective group of gender or race, anthropologist, professor, and Cherokee Indian Robert K. Thomas thought in order for people to be considered a people they must fit in the four descriptive categories of his Peoplehood Model.
As a matter of fact, unlike anything introduced before, Thomas’s Peoplehood Model lays out the boundaries individuals must collect in to be considered a people. According to his Peoplehood Model, individuals must all have a language, sacred history, place territory, and ceremonial cycle in common before being considered a people. Many researchers use Thomas’s Peoplehood Model to decide if a group of people can be considered a people or nothing more than a unit of individuals. Like anything else, the Peoplehood Model can be misinterpreted.
I believe The United States of America is considered a people while others may disagree. My reason for believing The United States should be considered a people is because they reflect the four domains introduced by Robert K. Thomas’s Peoplehood Model. The elements revolve around the idea that an environment of beings can only be…

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