The United States of America – a Pure Warmonger or Just a Defender of the Free World?

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The United States of America – a pure warmonger or just a defender of the free world? The United States has arguably been a nation which has changed the world multiple times since its foundation when they declared their independence from Britain in 1776. After the 18th century the US has been involved in several conflicts, not just within the country, but also in foreign lands. And today, America is still a powerhouse in both military and economically. And lately, USA has been stamped as

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Russia wouldn’t have launched the missiles unless they came under attack from America, which again is highly unlikely as no one had the guts to start it and be labelled as world destroyer. The deployment of said missiles is purely a political move again, to show America that the USSR is not to be trifled with. This is very sad part, actually, even though they were removed. This gave the US an incentive to actually engage in other wars. This is later shown by the justification of many wars and reforms inside the country, also a whole plethora of new rules which the American society agreed to since they were still scared by the ongoing threat.

Another interesting point is the Vietnam War which America participated in, they said they had the law under their belt as their attack was justified by the incursion of communism. America deployed over 60.000 soldiers to fight against communism in this foreign land for no other purpose than to destroy communism, which is shown by the fact that when they later left the country was in a poor condition, and the Americans retreated without caring for the local South-Vietnam inhabitants. This was the first “loss” for the US, but the Vietnam had significant help from the USSR in form of guns, gunships and top modern jet fighters (which outclassed the American jet
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