The United States Of America Essay

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When one considers historical development from 1607-1865 in what eventually would become the United States of America, one can consider that a shipping company was being developed. England equates to the owner of the shipping company. Colonial officials parallel the captains of the ships in the company. The resources that the captains provide and sell will represent the economy. This model will take on the eastern seaboard. This theoretical model will provide a precise correlation on how England and the colonist who would eventually form the parts of the United States of America interacted with each other during nine significant topics: creolization, slavery, indentured servitude, women, The American Revolution, The Louisiana Purchase, colonization, abolitionism, and Constitutional Compromise.

Since 1607 England began sending people to the New World. This can be theorized as England being the owner of a shipping company and sending ships to the New World to trade and produce resources such as: sugar, tobacco, wheat, land and even people to support the English economy. The captains of this ship would the people that England send to trade and produce resources and who would eventually become the colonial officials of the New World. Now the owners of this shipping company would need a work force that would do all hands-on and exhausting work that the captains couldn’t. It would be essential for the owners to invest into another shipping to bring involuntary workers,…

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