The United States Military During World War II Essay

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Over fifteen million Americans served in the United States military during World War 2. But fewer than a million American soldiers experienced actual battle.
Consequently, the average soldier not engaged in battle would endure day to day activities that often consisted dull, repetitive duties. On the other hand, a soldier in the infantry was much more likely to encounter serious combat and would experience many perils that would subject these young men to horrors of war. No doubt, witnessing the deaths of the innocent civilians or their fellow soldiers, would be mentally exhausting or they could encounter personal injury and emotional devastation for which boot camp provided no preparation.

The American serviceman was given times to rest and relax and US Service men had several outlets of R&R available to them. Some of these outlets could lead these young men astray to pursue their carnal needs so reading was strongly encouraged. The stories in a GI’s book provided familiarity, comfort and allowed him to think about something else other than his circumstances and the brutality of war. With reading the soldier could fill the loneliness in his heart and it would allow him the ability to visit an alternate universe whenever he needed an escape from his reality of terror, boredom, and fear.

Books could serve as a wholesome distraction or provide a good laugh, just open a book and for a moment be transported into a new world. Ultimately, these…

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