Essay on The United States Is A Nation Of Immigrants

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The United States is a nation of immigrants. While many may believe that a majority of current immigrants are of Hispanic descent, immigrants, both legal and illegal, come from all over the world for various reasons. Immigration is the international movement of persons into another country in which they originally do not have citizenship in1. These people are formally known as ‘immigrants’ or sometimes as ‘illegal aliens’, if without legal documentation. Typically in order to immigrate to another country proper authorization and legal documents are needed, but the process takes time and money, of which many do not have. The immigration process is lengthy, estimated to currently take some up to two or more years2. Immigration began with our ancient ancestors of modern Native Americans whom are believed to have arrived nearly thirteen thousand years ago3. Then, in the seventeenth century, the first waves of European immigrants made way to what is now known as the United States. By the eighteenth century the second wave began, bringing in the Irish and Germans, peaking right before the American Revolution in 1776. By 1750, the third wave of immigrants to the United States began, bringing in Asians as well as Southern and Eastern Europeans. This third wave peaked in the 1840’s gold rush and lasted about forty years until 1965 when a law setting quotas based on nationalities was finally abolished, commencing the current fourth wave of immigrants3. This wave consists of much of…

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