The United States Is A Classless Society Essay examples

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I really enjoyed the readings this week, while there were several, they were shorter readings and I was able to focus my attention on each individual one. I thought the reading on classism, Mantsios, Chapter 25: Class in America—2006, pp. 150-156, was especially interesting and not something we have talked much about in class. I work with children and families in the educational realm, but there eligibility for participation is based on income. While I superficially understand the oppression by race and ethnicity, I am far more aware of oppression based on class because it is something my clients face daily. The reading mentions 5 myths of class in America and one that stood out to me the most was that, Myth 1: “The United States is fundamentally a classless society” (pg 150). It is outrageous to me that anyone could even envision the US as a classless society when we are so outwardly divided by our earnings and what material goods we have. In my work setting alone, which staffs teachers, nurses, administrators, etc, I am constantly hearing a family be prejudged, by staff, based on the fact that they are low-income. Just recently we had a training on lice in the classrooms and a teacher made a comment to the effect that because our families are poor, they must not be bathing enough and tried to assimilate their cleanliness with their income. When in fact, I have interned in a very upper middle class school system that was constantly having lice outbreaks. It is so…

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