The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Essay examples

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While Irma Grese certainly didn’t control the entire camp, she must share a large portion of the fault for the conditions of the camp as an SS-matron. In April of 1945 the British forces descended upon Bergen-Belsen to liberate the camp. The smell of burnt flesh and decaying bodies beset the men. They remembered the smell for years to come as something they would never forget. One ambulance driver, Frederick Riches, with the British military recalled the smell as “all sorts of things, like burning boots, flesh, everything else…we smelt that when we were near enough mile away from it.” This smell that accosted the military men that arrived at Bergen-Belsen came from the many bodies scattered around the camp. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website states, “More than 13,000 corpses in various stages of decomposition lay littered around the camp.” Irma Grese appeared to be second in command to the men that arrived in camp that day. She never showed any contrition for the ruthless, beastly deeds she committed. Riches told in an interview, when asked if “the Germans show[ed] remorse or that they were sorry”, that, “they just sneered…they’d just stand aside there and sort of half smiling.” Irma Grese and the majority of her compatriots never showed any repentance for their crimes. Therefore, when video of the trial of Belsen is viewed each of the defendants that entered the courtroom looked confident and defiant. Irma Grese especially studied the court…

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