The United States Government Should Be Financially Responsible For The Chemical Wasteland At Love Canal

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With its beautiful cascading waters, Niagara Falls draws over twelve million visitors a year to stare awestruck at the falls and drink wine from any one of its sixty wineries. In addition to being a tourist attraction, Niagara Falls doubles as an inexpensive source of hydroelectric power for a planned industrial community. However, in the early 1940s the United States government diminished the beauty of this once pristine place. They allowed the Hooker Chemical Company to dump twenty-one tons of chemical waste into the sixteen-acre Love Canal area, named for idealistic and enterpriser William T. Love. The United States government should be financially responsible for the chemical wasteland at Love Canal, because the government initially sanctioned the disposal of hazardous chemicals, ignored citizen complaints concerning their health, and is the only entity that can afford clean-up of the area. The United States government is the only body that has clean-up resources available and the authority to coordinate a clean-up operation of the Love Canal. There are funds set aside in the country for emergency disasters, which the government can activate under conditions of extreme importance. A study conducted by the University at Buffalo established that when, “…the EPA was directed to conduct a habitability study to assess the risks associated with inhabiting the Love Canal Emergency Declaration Area”. The results of this study proved dire. The land was unlivable due to the…

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