The United States ' Foreign Policy Essay

1987 Words Apr 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Foreign policy is an extremely difficult and complex aspect of government that all presidents faced, and will continue to face for years to come. During 1945 to 1991, foreign policy proved especially challenging because the public held many different opinions on the issues. Also, America often was not directly affected by communist actions, but would step in to protect the honor of other democracies and ensure that basic human rights were being met all around the world. Between 1945-1991, many changes occurred in United States’ foreign policy due to world that continued to change as events unfolded and new presidents enter in the office with different approaches. However, many things would stay the same over time because they had previously worked well and benefited the public. 1945 was an extremely trying time in the United States. After the country’s beloved president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, died on April 12, 1945, the country was left shocked and devastated. Harry S. Truman took Roosevelt’s place as president, thus changing the country’s leadership styles and methods for the eight years to follow. His main goal was a focus on “containment”. This means that the country would not invade communist countries, but simply thwart any of their efforts to take over other noncommunist countries. Truman’s containment policy reflected ideas in FDR’s isolationist policies, thus continuing his legacy. Truman’s containment policy was applied in Korea. Korea was divided…

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