The United States Entering World War One Essay example

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In August of 1914 Europe was set ablaze with the start of World War I.Countries of the old world quickly formed sides and raced to arms. Both sides felt that there would be a quick victory and the war would be over in short order.Great Britain, France and Russian formed the core of the Allied powers and faced a determined foe in the alliance of Germany, Austro-Hungarian
Empire.On the outset of conflict The Central powers quickly gained the upper hand and raced head long into France, upon reaching the Marne River the British and French armies stopped the cold and the stalemate began.America at this time was a neutral and watched from a far as the old world ripped itself apart.It would take 3 years and five key factors to push American to declare war and joined the Allied armies. These factors were financial, German unrestricted submarine warfare, American Propaganda, Central Power autocracies, and finally the
Zimmerman Telegraph.
The first major factor for the United States entering World War One is one of commerce.
Although the United States felt it was crucial, as a neutral, to maintain trade with all European nations, the Allied blockade of the Central Powers made it almost impossible for U.S. goods to enter these countries.The US was all but forced to solidify trade relationships with the allied powers by supplying these countries with much needed war supplies. Then, as the Allies hard currency reserves ran out, huge loans were floated to finance their purchases. Many…

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