Essay on The United States And The Soviet Union

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Research Project The United States of America and Russia have both been the most powerful countries in the world after WW2. So, how do the social, political, and cultural aspects of Russia and The United States make them the two most powerful countries in the world? Both countries before WW2 were in turmoil. The United States was going through the Great depression which was an economic collapse. While The Soviet Union(Russia) was going through Stalinism. WW2 was a scapegoat that helped both countries immensely. During WW2 the leader for The Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin, while the leader of the United States was Franklin Roosevelt. Both of these leaders led their countries differently during WW2. The Soviet Union was a communist country. The United States was a democratic government. The Soviet Union was part of the Axis powers at first, later changed to the allied powers. The United States was part of the Allied powers. The Soviet Union had a non aggression pact with Nazi Germany during WW2. This was due to the invasion of Poland in 1939. Germany had occupied Poland on September 1, 1939. Later on September 17, 1939, The USSR invaded Poland. This

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establish the pact in order for them not to confront each other in war. This allowed Russia to invade many countries without any confrontation.
The United States was not in WW2 until late 1941. The United States was mainly providing weapons and other war materials to the allied powers. They finally joined the…

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