The United States And The Civil War Essay

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The Americans in the South and the Americans in the North have held their differences for a long period of time before the civil war was even thought of. They were opposed to what the other thought and believed that their way of living was the right way and the other was the wrong way. The south which mainly consisted of farms and plantations that had slaves doing the work believed that the North was meddling in something they had no business in. Which was their property; or in other words slaves. The North did not consider the slaves to be property, they thought the issue was a human’s rights violation, they south of course disagreed. Since the North consisted of factorizes and manufacturers that had machines doing most of the work; they had no need for slaves, which led the South to believe that they knew nothing of what kept the economy up in the South and how getting rid of the slaves would affect that economy. The United States is in constant pressure to stay united with the many differences and problems arising in the country varying in political, social, and economical views and opinions of the North and the South.
The Under Ground Railroad was one of things that affected both sides of the country. The Railroad was not actually a railroad; it was series of safe houses that would aid runaway slaves. They would give them food, shelter, water, etc. The North was in agreement to keep the Under Ground railroad going, it helped free a lot slaves that were held by the…

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