The United States And South Vietnam Essay

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During the first few days of August 1964, the United States, an ally of Southern Vietnam, made an accusation that Northern Vietnam had attacked them two times in the Gulf of Tonkin (Treanor 59). The United States was fearing the supremacy of North Vietnam over South Vietnam. South Vietnam had teamed up with the United States in the early months of 1964 for missions along the coast of Northern Vietnam. While these operations were executed by the Vietnamese Navy, they we orchestrated by the CIA and Department of Defense (Treanor 59). These missions were successful at first, but large casualties soon followed. The Maddox set out on July 28 to patrol the waters off the North Vietnam coast starting at the demilitarized zone stretching up to the Chinese border. During the night of July 30, the vessel was in the Gulf of Tonkin as a raid from Hon Me Island was initiated. Firing machine guns and other small defenses, South Vietnamese commandos attacks the stations of the island from which the attack had come (Paterson). Two other commandos carried out similar attacks at the southern end of the island. The Maddox then left the area because of the arrival of North Vietnamese torpedo boats. The vessel returned to the area on August 1 before it received information that there were possible Northern Vietnamese ships with the intention of attacking the destroyer (Paterson). The Commander of the Maddox initially order the ship to leave the area to get out of danger. However, he then…

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