The United States Agency For International Development Essay example

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Haiti’s ability to become a self-sustaining nation has been completely undermined by the United States for nearly two centuries as a result of American invasion, occupation and intervention into Haiti’s economic and political spheres. For many years, Haitians have been trying to take a stand to break away from the failed policies of the past and focus their attention on fair taxes, proper tariffs and locally generated policies (Raymond, 2011). The United States needs to take a step back and work to properly allocate foreign aid in a way that will slowly diminish Haiti’s dependence (Raymond, 2011). Foreign aid must not stop all at once; distribution of aid must be removed slowly to allow the Haitians to build towards their hopes of living in a thriving, self-sustainable nation, once again (Raymond, 2011). The United States Agency for International Development is the top U.S. Government agency that has worked and is currently working to end high levels of global poverty and assist resilient, democratic societies to recognize their potential (USAID, 2016). In the past, the common people of Haiti have felt discouraged by the policies put into place and radical changes made by foreign aid organizations, such as USAID – United States Agency for International Development (USAID, 2016). Many believe that these organizations were acting selfishly, instead of selflessly – benefiting themselves and their economies before looking at the possible repercussions of what their actions…

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