The United Of The Aboriginal Struggle Essay

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The United Aboriginal Struggle

“Get over it!” A statement that has been repeated time and time again, with regards to Indigenous land. It’s a surprise that Aboriginals want their land back after centuries of not owning it. Is it not? Well, no, it is not. For centuries, the majority of the Indigenous population in Canada has been living in poverty, segregated from Canadian society, and have been given little compensation to show for it--a small payout here, some minor benefits there--yet the real issue, land, is never being addressed properly. Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, as well as 8th Fire thoroughly exhibit the various land-related conflicts that exist between Aboriginals and the rest of Canada, and the impact they are having on Indigenous communities.

First of all, there is an ongoing conflict between the First Nations groups and Canadian society, with regards to land. In fact, both mediums--M & S, and 8th Fire--paint the same picture, in which the well-being of Aboriginal communities is being completely disregarded by other Canadians, due to the economic impact that Indigenous land ownership might have on the rest of Canada. In M & S, Maggie explains that “the idea of Native people getting more land was an absurd concept to most non-Natives.” And, due to the fact that reserve land is also non-taxable, “the local municipality was fighting tooth and nail to block the purchase.” Although a valid concern, the land was merely being used by three families who rarely made…

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