The United Nations Security Council Essay

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Significantly, then is the assumption that change in international organizations is likely when there is a change in the distribution of power. Therefore, on the basis of my research, I claim that in the case of the United Nations Security Council, change in the interest of great powers and large groups of states are even more important than the distribution of power and capabilities. Why?, because this is based on the premise that States use their representation as power and they together as a group can block or facilitate a reform process. For example: as in the case of the Permanent members (P5) that generally uses power to either vetoes or abstain in regards to certain conflict that regards the decisions by the UNSC to take action. Another instance is that of the United Nations and Security Membership, which makes up the majority of the membership which comprises that of small nation states. These small nation states hardly have much say in the Council’s decision. Hence, I believe that as a united body or group together, small nation states can ultimately join together and should be able to voice, block or advocate for a process of reform of the United Nations Security Council, in accordance with the United Nations Charter 108. Admittedly, this is easy when written on paper but in practicality it’s difficult in order for small nation states to be united.


In the analysis of this paper in order to link the theoretical framework to the main questions, it is…

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