The United Nations Security Council Essay

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The United Nations Security Council comprises of five great powers and ten rotating member states that make decisions on international affairs such as peace and security. In addition, United Nations General Assembly consists of 193 members of the UN and proposes resolutions, however those are generally meant to be advisory as oppose to binding. The General Assembly is also responsible for the UN’s finances and can authorize funds for peacekeeping missions. Although both organs play an important role for the UN, there are distinct differences that clearly outline their role and importance in the international system. As a result, the UN Security Council is more active in terms of creating international law because of its ability to establish binding resolutions, conducting peacekeeping missions, and “authorizing the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security” (UN News Center)
The UN Security Council’s five permanent members are the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and China who all hold veto power on any UN resolution. Furthermore, the Security Council also has ten nonpermanent members who are elected by the General Assembly for two year terms. Important resolutions require nine votes out of the 15 member states to pass, however if one of the five permanent members vetoes, then the resolution does not pass. Resolutions that are passed by the Security Council are “binding”, however its strengths lie on the states willingness to respect…

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