The United Kingdom : Pollution Prevention And Control Act Of 1999 And The Environmental Protection Act

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The United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom The Pollution Prevention and Control Act of 1999 and The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 deal with the management of air emissions and their regulation (OECD OCDE: 2009, p.150). The United Kingdom like the United States has a system of compliance in order to prevent any violations to the air laws. This demonstrates how the developed nations have openly accepted the norm and underwent the internalization. The norm has become a fundamental part of society thanks to both international and domestic pressures.

Developing Nations
The norm has gain legitimacy and prominence as it was adopted by all 5 of the UN Security Council members. Developing countries are also adopting the norm into their polices as pressure from other nations and NGOs is building. China and Russia both have laws set up to penalize those who do not abide by the standards established for air emissions. Colombia a nation that shares part of the Amazon Rain Forest is reforming its agriculture by adapting new forms to reduce climate change as the farmers use low carbon production systems. (Reichwage: CIAT Blog). This demonstrates the internalization of the norm in developing countries and how it is no longer simply a norm that only developed nations participate in. By altering the agricultural operations they are reducing one of the main contributors to air pollution signaling how then norm has taken root into their society, as their adherence is so strong that it…

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