The Un Millennium Development Goals Essay

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The UN millennium development goals began with good intentions. In 2000, many of the world’s leaders met to tackle the problems that development faced in third world countries, with only one major goal, and that is development in first world countries. This UN conference focused on the biggest adversaries to development, the first major goal being the complete eradication of extreme hunger and poverty.
This ambitious goal, as well as 7 others, sparked criticism from even the UN secretary general. The methods of implementation were undefined, and no detailed systems were put in place to carry out these goals. “The United Nations Rio+20 summit in Brazil in 2012 committed governments to create a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) that would be integrated into the follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after their 2015 deadline ”(Griggs et al). A set of 8 goals were devised and listed by the world’s leaders. In 2015, the same countries reconvened to create a list of 17 new goals. These goals focused on smaller issues, which contributed to reaching the number one goal.
“Reducing poverty has become an international concern, yet there is no international consensus on guidelines for measuring poverty.” Poverty has been the number one goal in both the MDGs and SDGs . Since these goals focus on development, reaching anyone of these goals would mean eradicating poverty.
“Since 2000, the MDGs have focused on reducing extreme poverty in developing countries.…

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