The Ultimate Concern, Is Faith, By Paul Tillich Essay example

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The Ultimate Concern, is Faith, according to Paul Tillich. This redefines the normal definition of faith which is basically credulity. Doubt is essential to this concept of faith because it constantly focuses the faithful person to consider whether or not our ultimate concern is, in fact, the highest that it can be. We can be mistaken in our faith in one very important way: objectification. It becomes a talisman with power over the believer, rather than the believer having the authority over the end. The sort of God that can be turned into a talisman looks a bit like this, as Tillich writes in his Courage to Be: He is equated with the recent tyrants who with the help of terror try to transform everything into a mere object, a thing among things, a cog in the machine they control. He becomes the model of everything against which Existentialism revolted. This is the God Nietzsche said had to be killed because nobody can tolerate being made into a mere object of absolute knowledge and absolute control. This is the deepest root of atheism (Tillich, 1952: 184-185).
This is essential to Tillich’s thought, as it states on not to think of God. This way of thinking puts God in the “thing among things.” A ruler who decrees solely based on his arbitrary power, that is what Mr. Tillich thinks. That the secularists and atheists mean when they rail again “god.” But this is not sufficient.
Apophaticism is the eastern concept that Mr. Tillich bases God on. That means that God, is beyond…

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