The Ufc Is Today And Its Effect On An Athlete 's Body Essay

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juggernaut the UFC is today and because of the success of the show creating new stars they have reinstated the show about twenty seasons (Mannion).
Having learned the history of the sport it is time to discuss about how the athletes train. In the early days of MMA fighters trained how they would fight. They did this because of the football and wrestling mentality which allowed athletes to perform how they trained. In this type of training fighters will hit each other as hard as they can with the intent to kill. This works, but the problem with this type of training is the accumulation of damage on an athlete’s body which results in a short lived career. Unfortunately, athletes today still implement this type of training because MMA is in its infancy as a sport. As Joe Rogan would say, fighters are still figuring out how to train in this sport, football and wrestling know how to train their athletes because their sport have been around for years and there is just so much to learn in mixed martial arts (Rogan, Callen &
There are a few individual such as Demetrius Johnson who as a coach named Matt Hume who was once a professional MMA fighter. The difference between Matt Hume and most coaches in the MMA community is that he tunes his programs to how his fighters currently feel (Rogan & Johnson). Does the fighter feel exhausted either mentally or physically, is he performing better on this day compared to another (Rogan & Johnson)? Based on his observations…

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