The Twelfth And Twelfth Episodes Of South Park 's Tenth Season

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The twelfth and thirteenth episodes of South Park’s tenth season, “Go God Go” and “Go God Go XII”, work as pieces of comedy because they effectively use humorous triangular formats. Both episodes satirize fanaticism, especially in regards to religion and atheism. The majority of the humor in these episodes, as well as other South Park episodes, results from a triangular relationship. The three parties involved in this relationship are the audience, the show’s writers and creators, and the characters. Each of the characters is not aware that they are characters in a television show and they do not usually find humor in the predicaments they become involved in. Usually the creators will place the characters in certain situations in order to make fun of the characters as well as some sort of characteristic. When audience members find something amusing in South Park it is because they are laughing at the expense of the characters. An example of this is shown during the very first scene of “Go God Go”. At the start of the episode, the audience sees Cartman impatiently pacing in front of a video game store, eagerly waiting for the release of the Nintendo Wii. Initially there is not too much humor in the scene until it is revealed that the video game console will not be coming out for another three weeks. Cartman’s impatience as well as his obsession with the Nintendo Wii is resulting in ridiculous behavior. Clearly, pacing in front of the store will do nothing to quicken the…

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