The Turn Of The Screw By Henry James Essay

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In the story The Turn of The Screw by Henry James, we perceive how various power relationships inform the world of The Turn of the Screw and how these relationships color the way the narrator perceives the truth of the world around her. This phenomenon is viewed through the narrator’s relationship with her pupils, the ghosts’ relationship with the children and the narrator’s relationship with Mrs. Grose.
Firstly, we notice how narrator’s relationship with the children has an impact on the way she perceives the world around her. When the governess meets the young boy Miles for the first time she is astonished by his beauty and she describes him with divine terms such as great glow of freshness (13) which is an alliteration and fragrance of purity (13). From this description, we can tell that the governess is completely under the spell of the young boy. Moreover, the same situation happens when the governess meets Miles’ young sister Flora. The governess describes the little girl as (the most beautiful girl she has ever seen) (7). From this superlative passage, we can assume that the narrator is easily carried away by the young girl’s beauty. Furthermore, we witness how the children have a great impact on the governess’ critical thinking on reality by the way she reacts when she receives a letter from Miles’ school telling that Miles will not be accepted back to school after the holidays, the governess does not mention a word to the boy’s uncle nor to the boy himself because…

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