The Truth About Lying By Charles Dickens Essay

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The Truth About Lying Elementary schools teach that honesty is the best policy, but that lesson rarely sticks with people throughout their lives. Many believe that honesty is not the way to go and that is the sad reality that many live with. This is not the life that Charles Dickens believes people should lead. In his satirical novel named Great Expectations, he tells a long story of lies, love, and loss. Through his work, Dickens teaches his audience that deceit will never lead to happiness. The truth will always overpower the means of deception. There is not much grace in series of events that follow the grand overthrow of lies. Wemmick, the law firm’s clerk, is a perfect example of someone who has a considerable amount to hide. As a matter of fact, his fear of showing weaknesses forces him to lead two separate lives. “He swore Pip to secrecy to keep his home life a secret from his co workers to preserve his tough exterior” (Dickens 207). The puzzle that Wemmick makes of his life is confusing to everyone including himself and this leads him to lies on top of lies until they inevitable shatter. This act outlines the importance of how little the truth was valued in his line of work; due to his status, society still believes he is superior, despite his ethic violations. Lies are forever ingrained in society and still affect people today by beating them into cookie cutter molds. Secrets were not made to be kept and when Wemmick’s secret came out, his other…

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