The Trumpet Of The Swan By E. B. White Essay

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The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White is a children 's book, published in 1970, that is full of talking animals, strange events, and fantastical elements. Even with the lighter tone of the story, White’s writing style and storytelling still hold symbolism. From racism to overcoming adversity, White’s stories have a deeper meaning that can resonate with us all on a personal level. The main character of this story is Louis, he is a trumpeter swan. The other swans, particularly Louis’ father, are very proud of the trumpeting calls that they make. Unfortunately, Louis is born unable to speak. Louis gets the idea to heads to the local school to learn how to read and write so that he can communicate. Upon first arriving at the school, Louis is faced with discrimination from the school teacher because, after all, Louie is just a bird. When analyzing this story it 's important to note that Louis is born less than the other swans, yet the other swans don’t discriminate, but he is also born less than the humans and throughout the story they do discriminate. Understanding this sets the tone for the whole story as I believe it is a commentary on racism and how people are treated in the way they look. The comparison here will become more apparent later on in the story.
With help from a human boy, Sam, who was quite fond of the swans, the teacher is convinced and let 's Louis try to learn to write. Louis becomes the best writer in the whole class and shows everyone that he was able…

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