The Trouble Spot Nutrition By Bruce Krahn

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Hi there, I understand that you want to build muscle while reducing belly fat at the same time.

How to lose belly fat
When you eat too much food, your body stores the excess energy as fat. This fat is distributed on the body. To lose fat in a specific part of the body, for example on the stomach, it is necessary to lose weight overall - over the entire body.

There are crucial differences between men and women, so we will tackle them separately. Losing belly does not mean the same thing for a man than for a woman, because there are physiological differences - the body works differently because the hormones are different.

If you have more than 10kg to lose, you are a man or a woman, lose belly fat is the least of your worries: remaining overweight
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The important thing is to realize that your diet is a problem: you eat too much and that's why you've grown! To eat less, reduce the volume of your diet gradually, changing your habits slowly and surely, week after week.

If you are looking on the internet how to lose belly fat you will come across dozens of books that constantly rehashing the same exercises. But lose belly fat is all about nutrition. To learn how to eat better I recommend this excellent book - The Trouble Spot nutrition by Bruce Krahn

You will learn how to eat to lose your belly, improve your wellbeing and your physical performance, the better you feel about yourself, etc. This is one of the books I constantly recommend as it is comprehensive and very well written. It is not for nothing that this book belongs to the best sales since its release. Buy it.

2.) Sport
It is often said that to lose belly must do abdominal exercises. The reason you do not see your chocolate bar, it is because there is a layer of fat between the skin and muscle. Your abdominal may well be muscled without being
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This is a natural mechanism to help the development of a child during pregnancy.

If you are a woman, the first step to lose your belly is to change your diet. Your body created fat because you give it too much food. A change after another, try to reduce the volume of your meals. No need to change drastically overnight, reduce your diet over several weeks.

The second step is to strengthen your muscles slightly. To have a flat and taut stomach muscles are needed. However, be careful not to neglect your number one priority. The most important thing is diet. Strengthening your muscles is the priority number two.

If you had to choose only one exercise, go for the crunch. If done correctly, this exercise will develop the front abdominal, which will give you a flat stomach. Do 2 or 3 sets of crunch, trying to make a maximum of repetitions possible every time. You can start to make 2 times per week, then increase up to 4 or 5 times.

To speed up the weight loss, you can also run. Running is good for health, especially for the legs. By strengthening your leg muscles, you will also strengthen your thighs and glutes, and refine your silhouette. Run 2 times per week for 20 to 30 minutes. You can increase the frequency and duration of your running sessions at progressively weeks. Stay

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