The Trolley Is Moving Down A Track Essay

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A trolley is moving down a track. The trolley can not be stopped, but it a nearby switch is able to move the trolley from one track to another. One track has five people, and the other has one. Flipping the nearby switch will cause the one person to die while leaving the switch alone will mean the five people will die. The question is: what would you do? A philosopher by the name of Philippa Foot was the person who came up with this dilemma. It is famously known as the “trolley problem” and is used to test people’s moral duty and show aspects of moral judgement. Philippa Foot was a philosopher of ethics and morality and is famous for her work in these areas. Foot’s early education, philosophical beliefs, contributions to philosophy as well as her later life all make her a great philosopher, and also made a huge impact on the ethical philosophy. Philippa Foot was born on October 3rd, 1920 to her mother, Esther Cleveland, and her father, Captain William Sidney Bence Bosanquet, in Owston Ferry, Lincolnshire. Foot grew up in a small village near Durham, England. At an early age, she was educated by her governesses and at a small school called St. George’s School. After her early education, Foot was educated privately at Somerville College, Oxford located in England. It was here that Foot began her journey into philosophy and really put her foot into the water. There were two people that helped her work hard in Oxford. Two professors by the names of Donald McKinnon, who…

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