The Trojan Women Analysis

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The Downfall of Hector and his family described in Homer’s Iliad, Vergil’s Aeneid, and Euripides “The Trojan Women” not only describes ancient history in a great mythological rhetorical sense, but actually is used and directs the fate of future historical events. By using the following methods of interpretations and analysis; Social charter theory, Structuralism, and Feminism and Gender, this essay will expound upon the ideas that these theories in fact do explain the impact it had on historical events, but more significantly the societal effects reverberated throughout time.
Charter theory is intertwined throughout the down fall of Hector and is family. Charter theory we first discussed by Bronislaw Malinowski while living amongst Trobriand
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According to Levi-Strauss and other structuralist, “the physical and cerebral structure of humans is essentially binary: two arms and two legs, two eyes and ears, and a brain with two hemispheres” (Steele and Alaw 2014, 39). For example, the Greeks knew they would not penetrate Troy’s walls without employing some type of trick. This is where the idea of the Trojan horse derives from during the war. The Greeks leave Sinon behind with the Trojan horse full of Greek soldiers and pretend to have left and sailed back to Greece. The Trojans come out and speak to Sinon, who said he is supposed to be a human sacrifice. Sinon continues to lie saying the Greeks received an oracle stating that if the Trojans could not move the horse into their city, the Greeks would make it home safely and one day in the future come back and take the City of Troy. However, if you can get the horse inside the city of Troy, the next generation of Trojans will go to Greece and get revenge for this war. Sinon challenged the Trojans with reverse psychology stating the Greeks built this horse so that they could never get it inside the city. The story of Sinon perfectly represents structuralism theory that everything is binary, by using reverse psychology, the Trojans fell …show more content…
To discuss “feminist theories of myth is a somewhat misleading notion. …There is no one ‘feminist’ way of foregrounding women in Classical mythology” (Steele and Alwa 2014, 41). However, we can acknowledge realities about women during this time by the Greeks attitude of misogyny, or hatred of woman, or the idea that women are lower class and not as intellectual. (Steele and Alwa 2014, 41). After the death of Hector, the Trojans call for help from the Amazonians Queen Penthesila, an exotic all women society. It is ironic that the Trojans call on an all-woman society for help, when the Greeks certainly disrespect women in the belief that that they couldn’t contribute much intellectually or physically. This allegory allows the Greeks to have a mirror image of their society, exploring a misandric society, or an anti-male society opposed to their misogynistic, anti-women society (Steele and Alwa 2014, Lecture). The Queens of the Amazons are almost always daughters of Ares, but when they fight the Greeks they almost always lose. The notion of this myth is to reconfirm that Greek manliness is the best thing there is and it even beats the wild Amazonian women. This allows Greek man to say, men our superior to woman and this notion has been proven

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