Essay about The Triumph Of Tragedy By John Tartaglio And Andrew Chapin

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Throughout chapters seventeen through twenty-four of the nonfiction novel From Triumph to Tragedy, authors John Tartaglio and Andrew Chapin argue that, regardless of the circumstances of a situation, people should not give up on the way to reaching their goals when unexpected challenges hinder their ability to achieve what they aspire to. Both authors want to encourage readers to battle through tough times, by highlighting that, despite the challenges which come with having both legs amputated below the hip, Tartaglio worked twice as hard as the next guy to achieve what he worked for months to achieve. While doing so, Tartaglio and Chapin are targeting readers who may feel self-conscious, like Tartaglio did, as well as readers who are pushing themselves to achieve their goals but may feel lost or as if they will never reach their goals. The pair enforces the idea that giving up is not an option.
The two most prominent examples the pair provides about Tartaglio not giving up are with the New York City Marathon and the 10k. Tartaglio trained for months for the New York City Marathon, where he used a hand cycle. Although extreme pain was shooting down every fiber of Tartaglio‚Äôs body, he refused to quit and reached his goal of finishing in the top twenty, coming in thirteenth place. Meanwhile, after going down the wrong track and getting lost at the 10k, Tartaglio refused to quit. While he viewed taking an hour longer to finish the race than he expected and coming in last place…

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