Essay about The Trials Of Salem Witch Trials

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In 1692 hysteria hit the town of Salem. This iconic event in American history has had historians puzzled for centuries, because there is no clear evidence for why this witch hunt became more intense than any other American witch trial before it. Through my research, and previous knowledge, I have discovered that there are two main sources of fuel for the witch trials. The first, the leaders of Salem decided they could take advantage of the situation and pushed people into “the loop,” where people were then able to spread the hysteria for social gain, and vengeful purposes. These two reasons are also connected to why the trials ended so abruptly. It is important to understand that there may never be an exact answer to why the Salem witch trials occurred, however I believe that the previously mentioned reasons provide the best explanation.
Most historians are unsettled by the idea that a mystery in history cannot be solved. Were the deaths of dozens of people to blame on young girls, who started something that they soon lost control of, or did the devil really visit Salem? Anthony Brant, describes this problem in his article, An Unholy Mess, by saying, “We know that happened, who said and did what to whom. The difficulty has always been to explain why.” ‘Why’ can usually be answered by reading personal records, however those can be sparse and the start is hard to pinpoint. Once the hysteria started, most of the town fully believed that they were in the company of witches. The…

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