The Treaty Of The War Essay

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Many countries entered the war since it was more beneficial for them to fight alongside their allies instead of single-handedly fighting enemy countries. Russia, being an ally of Serbia, and Germany, an ally of Austria-Hungary, are forced to join the war due to their alliances and treaties with the two countries. Their agreements allowed Serbia and Austria-Hungary to have more numbers, strength, and support to fight each other than without. As Germany advances to strike other countries, those nations are forced to join the Allies to defend themselves against the Germans. France allied with Russia, allowing them to create a two-front war that would not have been possible otherwise, weakening Germany. Britain united with the Allies as it gave them the opportunity to take up arms with Germany, while being able to rely on their alliances to protect and assist their country (Evidence Round 3: Alliances) (WW1 Class Notes). Alliance treaties required countries to assist their allies in times of war, and to remain peaceful towards one another. This was helpful to countries in alliances, since the pacts gave them the security of their allies’ strength in case of combat. Smaller countries such as Serbia would not have had a chance against their opponents without the assistance of stronger countries. These signed treaties were a major reason why many countries joined, since it was better for them to have help rather than being an individual force. Alliances gave each side the power…

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