Essay about The Treaty Of The Cold War

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By building a weapon of mass destruction, The United States created tension between herself and the U.S.S.R that led to a full scale nuclear arms race, which not only threatened the safety of the world, but triggered a breakdown of global interdependence.
We all get scared sometimes, and we act irrationally out of fear, but building weapons of mass destruction is not an appropriate reaction to being scared. J. Robert Oppenheimer quoted: “Now I become death, destroyer of worlds” from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Becoming the destroyer of an entire world is not the way anyone should deal with fear, even if we were on the verge of war. Building a weapon of mass destruction like this can only cause hate, destruction, and even more fear. Instead of acting through violence, they should have instilled policies to diplomatically reason with the Soviet Union.’s article Causes of the Cold War states that "...the main element of any policy towards the Soviet Union must be a long-term, patient but firm containment of Russia.” We need not policies that would instigate death and war through a weapon of mass destruction, but policies that will help us grow and work through our problems. Solving your problems, using your words rather than violence, is what any sensible person will tell you is the right thing to do. It 's hard to put the sheer destructive power of this weapon into perspective, but the people aboard the Enola gay, the plane that dropped the bomb on…

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